The Project Lifesaver program is designed for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or related mentally dysfunctional disorders. Personal information such as addresses, personal descriptors, and a picture of each individual are entered into a secure database maintained by the Crestview Police Department. This service is available to any citizen who lives in the general Crestview area and who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease or a related mentally dysfunctional disorder.

project lifesaverThe program provides the individual with a personalized wrist or ankle band.  The band contains a battery operated transmitter that emits an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day, which can be tracked at a range of several miles both on the ground and from the air.  The band requires a battery that must be changed every 30 days. A Crestview Police Officer will visit the individual each month to replace the battery and obtain any updated personal information or photographs.

If a caregiver or family member calls the Police Department to report the person missing, a search team immediately enters the area where the person was last seen.  An electronic tracking device picks up the tracking signal from the wrist or ankle band and leads the search team to the person.

The cost for this program is $50.00 per month, which goes to Alzheimer’s Family Services, Inc. to cover the battery cost and maintenance of the unit.

For information concerning the Project Lifesaver program, please contact the Police Department at (850) 682-3544 and ask to speak to a Community Services Officer.