Whether you are a resident, business owner, law enforcement candidate or just curious, I sincerely hope you find our website, and our on-line information, helpful and user-friendly. Please visit our site frequently to keep up with our growing family and forward progress.

The dedicated men and women of the Crestview Police Department are committed to providing the citizens of the City of Crestview with the very best law enforcement services possible. We strongly believe in community-oriented public service and we are continually striving to cultivate more community partnerships. We are always seeking ways and means of efficiently and effectively enhancing our services and welcome your suggestions.

For those interested in a career with the Crestview Police Department, please navigate through our website to learn more about the commitment and dedication of our family. We are always looking for new and qualified candidates who share our belief that law enforcement isn’t a job or career, it’s a way of life; and, that serving and protecting is our most important privilege. You can be a law enforcement officer anywhere — working with the Crestview Police Department you can be a part of something great.

Tony R. Taylor

Chief of Police


K-9s for Crestview Police Department

k9 carThe Crestview Police Department has received authorization by the Crestview City Council to accept donations from citizens and businesses in order to purchase two canines for the police force. These canines will be used to assist patrol officers with various tasks that include, but not limited to, the detection of illegal narcotics in vehicle, building, and person searches. The canines will also be trained in the area of scent tracking. This valuable training will assist officers in locating lost children and vulnerable adults along with tracking fleeing suspects.

In late 2013, the police department was forced to retire both of its Canines, Rex and Edo, due to medical issues. The Crestview Police Department is committed to the utilization of police canines and is actively working to replace Canines Rex and Edo. The total estimate to purchase two new canines is approximately $30,000. This estimate includes the initial purchase of the canines and provides the required training for the handlers and canine as a team. german-shepherd-jumping-police-dog-training-picture

In the initial budgetary process for Fiscal Year 2013-2014, the acquisition of one canine was included; however, due to projected revenue deficits, the monies intended for the purchase was forfeited to assist in balancing the budget and in consideration of alternative funding.

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