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Uniformed Patrol is the most widely recognized and vital component of the Crestview Police Department. Patrol Officers drive marked patrol vehicles and are the primary responders to calls for service. Typically, when a citizen dials 911 or calls the Police Department to request assistance or report a crime, a uniformed Patrol Officer is usually the first to respond to the scene.

Patrol Officers work three rotating daily shifts. The day shift operates from 6AM-5PM, the evening shift operates from 2PM-1AM, and the midnight shift operates from 7:30PM-6:30AM. Each patrol shift is supervised by a Sergeant and consists of a Corporal and Patrol Officers. Additionally, the Traffic & DUI Enforcement Unit and K-9 Unit augment this division. The Traffic Homicide Investigations Unit also operates under this division.

The Patrol Supervisors are: Sgt. Mike Leadmon, Sgt. Bryan Lewis, Sgt. Don Howe, Sgt. Ray Harp, Sgt. Brian Muhlbach, and Sgt. John Cook.

During their shifts, Patrol Officers are called upon to identify, pursue, and arrest criminals, investigate complaints ranging from ordinance violations to felonies, enforce traffic laws, investigate motor vehicle crashes, search for and apprehend suspects, resolve problems and disputes, and conduct business and neighborhood security checks and foot patrols. Patrol Officers must have an in-depth and well-rounded knowledge of the law and possess strong observation and communication skills.