“RUOK?” Program

ruokThe Crestview Police Department’s “RUOK?” program is designed for elderly and/or disabled citizens who live alone. Those enrolled in the program receive phone call from our Communications Center at a scheduled time each day to check on the person’s welfare. If the person cannot be reached by phone, a Patrol Officer will respond to attempt contact and a designated family member or caregiver will be notified.

Calls may be suspended in the case of hospitalization, visitation with family/friends, or unusual appointments which will keep the person away from the phone. A simple call to our Communications Center will suspend the calls until the next time set by the person and/or a family member.

There is no cost to participate in this program. To register, we will need a few simple questions answered, a list of medications, illnesses/conditions, and a list of local emergency contacts to use in case of an emergency.

To register for the “RUOK?” Program, please contact Communications Officer Jodie Feliccia at (850) 682-2055, or via e-mail at felicciaj@crestviewpd.org.