Crime Prevention

General Crime Prevention Tips

Three factors must be present for a crime to occur: desire, ability and opportunity. You can have a significant impact on the last one, opportunity, and can significantly reduce crime by taking simple crime prevention steps.

At Home

- Use a door viewer before opening your door. Always demand identification from strangers (even repair or sales persons).

- Always lock up your home before leaving.

- Don’t hide your house keys outdoors anywhere.

- Use interior and exterior lighting at all times.

- Have keys ready and in your hand for immediate use when you return home.


- Plan your route ahead of time. Never walk alone at night; walk with a friend or your dog.

- Use well lit streets; not dark alleys or bushy areas.

- Carry signaling devices like shriek alarms or a whistle.

- Carry pepper spray (requires a short training course first).

- BE ALERT ! Look behind you occasionally.

- NEVER ask for or accept a ride from a stranger.

- Don’t carry large sums of money or wear valuable jewelry.

- Don’t resist an armed robber – hand over whatever is demanded quickly and quietly.

- Your life and safety are worth more than any personal property.

Purse Protection

- If possible, don’t carry one! Never carry anything you can’t afford to lose in it.

- Carry your purse across the front of your body, with your forearm across the front of the purse and your elbow held tightly against your side.

- Carry your keys, wallet or other valuables in pockets in your clothes.

- Carry minimum amounts of cash and credit cards. Keep a record of all

of your card numbers.


- Always look inside before entering your car.

- Lock all doors immediately after you are in the car.

- Never pick up hitchhikers.

- If a stranger approaches while you are in the car, keep the windows up, doors locked and engine running.

- Honk your horn if you need to attract attention.

- Park in well lit areas at night.

- Always lock your car when leaving it.

- Consider installing an auto burglar alarm system.

- Don’t leave anything valuable in your car if at all possible.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are generally safe. HOWEVER, here are some precautions.

- Do not advertise garage sales as a “moving sale;” this implies that the house may be vacant for extended periods of time.

- Do not answer personal questions about the house such as type of alarm, daytime occupancy, etc.

- Do not let people inside (to use the bathroom. phone, etc.)

- Hide or destroy boxes from computers, TV’s, VCR’s, etc.

- Don’t accidentally advertise that you own such items.