Chaplain Program

The Crestview Police Department established a volunteer Chaplain Program in 2008. Currently, the program consists of four volunteer Chaplains: Senior Chaplain Mark Broadhead, Chaplain Paul Mixon, Chaplain Geoff Prows, and Chaplain Bob Smith.

The Chaplain Program is designed to provide spiritual guidance and non-therapeutic counseling to members of the police department (both sworn and civilian staff) and their families in times of need. It is not intended that the Chaplains replace an individual’s spiritual adviser. Because of their experience and training, the Chaplains have a fairly firm grasp of the challenges that most law enforcement members face. They offer insights and assistance unique to law enforcement personnel.

The Crestview Police Department Chaplains strive to provide an ecumenical presence, spiritual guidance, non-therapeutic counseling, comfort in time of crisis, informational seminars, and parties in support of the law enforcement community. They have also been called upon to lend assistance to victims of crime and tragedy in the community. Chaplains assist officers when making death notifications, or aid persons of the community when a loved one dies unexpectedly.

Chaplain Mark Broadhead

“Please, don’t ever, even for a moment, think that an officer is being uncaring in the midst of a critical situation. They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t care or want to do their utmost to help you in your situation. While providing assistance, they need to set aside their emotional reactions so they can do what needs to be done. But when the crisis has passed, the emotions come to life – and officers hurt just as much as any other human being.”

– Senior Chaplain Mark Broadhead, 2014 Annual Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Ceremony