Criminal Investigations


The Criminal Investigation Division, commonly known as CID, provides investigative services of all serious crimes to include property crimes such as burglaries or major thefts, violent crimes such as homicides, sexual battery cases, child abuse, and robberies, and financial crimes such as fraud, internet crimes, and financial schemes, as well as support for the investigation of less serious crimes upon request or as needed.

Typically, a Patrol Officer conducts the initial investigation when a criminal complaint is received and files an offense report to document his or her findings. In many cases, the Patrol Officer is able to complete the investigation, gather evidence, identify the suspect, and make an arrest. In other cases, where there are no arrests or clear leads, or if more in-depth or specialized investigation is required, the case is forwarded to CID. Each case received by CID is thoroughly reviewed. Solvability factors are considered and cases are referred to an Investigator for follow-up.

Investigators have the responsibility to search out the full facts of a situation, organize the facts into a logical summary of investigative data, and present this data to the State Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution

CID is staffed by eight Investigators and two civilian employees. This includes five general investigators, one of which is assigned primarily to sex crimes and child abuse and another assigned primarily to cyber-crimes. Three Investigators are assigned exclusively to the Special Enforcement Team (SET) which focuses primarily on narcotics crimes and other “vice” crimes. A Crime Scene Technician and an Evidence Custodian provide critical support to the division.

Lieutenant Ed DeCoste serves as the Division Commander of CID. Lt. DeCoste has served in various aspects of federal, state, and local law enforcement for the past 34+ years. He is responsible to ensure accomplishment of the mission assigned to the division and for the conduct of all investigative activity.

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