State of Emergency & Shelter – Flooding/Storm Damage

Office of Public Information
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The Mayor of the City of Crestview has issued a State of Emergency in the Crestview area due to the continued flooding, and storm damage as a result of the current storms.

Citizens that have been evacuated from their residences or those that have been flooded and are in need of shelter, may report to the City of Crestview Community Center located on Commerce Drive. The City of Crestview is currently establishing a shelter at that location.

There are multiple roadways that are completely impassable due to flooding, or roadway damage. Drivers are encouraged to keep off of flooded or water covered roadways, as there are several vehicles that are currently under water, and roadways may be washed out under the water.
All drivers must obey roadblocks and barricades, as roadways that have these placed on them are considered unsafe. There is a high risk of injury or death for those that breach barricades in an attempt circumvent the detours.

If citizens have an emergency, or are trapped in vehicles, we are asking them to dial 911 immediately. If you have question, information or concerns, please contact the Crestview Police Department dispatch center at 850-682-2055.